Our customers are those who have a strong endeavor for digital and effective administrative processes in the company or organization. Customers who understand the value of strong knowledge and professional tools. Customers who appreciate friendly care and who also have the heart for their fellow human beings and the environment just like us. A pursuit not only of sound own finances but also of consideration and the pursuit of sound social development for all.

Our team experiences include deliveries to: Fortnox, PwC, Tax Agency, AstraZeneca, Telia / Tele2, Recall, Matrix, Universal Pictures and a wide range of smaller companies, but also training of accounting consultants and companies in just digital processes and quality, etc.

Among our customers today can be mentioned:

We handle ongoing accounting and have introduced digital supplier invoice management as well as receipt management via mobile. Different payment solutions as well as communication between agency and customer with digital support in the web and app.

Bobby Bannister
Ongoing accounting. All substrates are captured digitally even with the support of the APP, which can handle all types of substrates. Uses the app to submit all submissions. Everything submitted is certified. Communication between customer and agency occurs in the app.

Ongoing accounting. Digital certificate flow for supplier invoices and payment management.
Receipt and travel management supported by APP. Communication between customer and agency occurs in the app

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