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All of our products are based on the web. You can choose what you want to do with your work and what you want to do with your work. There are daily backups of the data that are saved on safe servers.

Digitalt Fokus

Fortnox so that we can now focus digital focusing on information in real time to APP and the Web.

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Our focus and vision is to provide world-class services and skills business development with unique digital tools. Among other things, by:

Coaching and management support – To owners, board and management

Complete accounting and auditing – All custom services, reporting to authorities etc. Obviously paperless and taking into account GDPR requirements.

Customized real-time reporting – For mobile and web

GO DIGITAL – We train and customize and integrate your digital solution. APP, Web, Economy System, Custom Forms and more.

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Team Nolbeck

We deliver world-class knowledge, experience and tools and look forward to helping your company or organization hesitate to contact us! We are a small committed team with great dedication and passion that has world-class niche competence when it comes to combining digital technology, accounting and people’s ideas and potential.

Mikael Nolbeck

Mikael Nolbeck

Grundare och VD
Magnus Dahl

Magnus Dahl

Coach – Business and Personal development
Katalin Szabó

Katalin Szabó

Kundansvar och koordination
Evelina Vikholmen

Evelina Vikholmen

Ekonom och kundansvarig


We have had great benefit from building strategic issues with Magnus regarding digital document management, scanning and interpretation.

Jens Collskog.Fortnox tidigare VD

You have made me realize that you should always strive for your dream and to do everything to achieve your ideals and dreams. I´m not afraid to fail, the most important thing is that i feel good in what i do and fight for my dreams. I´m proud to know you, Magnus.

Dani Evanoff.Founder of Godisprinsen, and former Executive WP of Candy King, also founder of THe HoneComb.

What´s amazing with Magnus is that he allows you to find key answers for change within yourself.

Jesper Leifjord.Founder, world Volunteer AB

Through Dreams we were able to realize our project. Our school could not give us any qualified help.

Karwan Ali.Student 2009-2010


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